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My quixotic new quest


My bus trip was long, and eventful, but not too eventful to make me regret it altogether.  My last night in Dublin was spent in Isaac,s hostel  so I was all set for an early start.  The wait in the ferry terminal was, in a word, interminable; however we were eventually on our way.  I did not get too many photos on the ferry journey but included are those taken in Killiney on a rare sunny day this summer.

London was surprisingly trouble free considering that it is the height of summer and the Olympics are in full swing.  Victoria Express was crowded and felt like a sauna, but heartfelt thanks are due to the staff and passengers for being friendly and patient with heavily laden traveller headed to the ‘Dam.  A twilight glimpse of the Thames concluded my sightseeing as the lights on the London Eye winked a farewell.

The ferry to Calais found me engaged in a conversation with a Welsh traveller also headed to the Netherlands.  The world’s problems do not seem to prevent life’s adventurer’s making plans, as they are likely to be more compulsive in the face of panic and/or apathy. Many of my acquaintances are planning journeys or new beginnings right now, with the wait for improvements in the economy also quite interminable.   Carpe diem!  A whirlpool of thoughts swirled about in my head after I boarded the bus again.  I drifted in and out of sleep as the busy days behind and ahead of my streamed through my consciousness.  Conversations with casual acquaintances often take one’s mind off things while on the move.

In a discussion over coffee before leaving Dublin I was considering the wisdom of this decision, and the old Irish saying that a change is as good as a rest reared it’s head.  An exotic destination may seem rather odd when all the doom and gloom hovers over our heads, but I may take inspiration from Don Quixote and tilt at some Dutch windmills during my stay.  Adventure and inspiration are just the tonic when the sky might fall in on our heads at any moment.

I finally made it into Amsterdam this morning.  It is a lovely sunny day and the hostel where I am staying is clean and friendly.  I have been out and about exploring while waiting for check in, and it seems a fascinating place.  A long and eventful year beckons, and I hope that it will be full of pleasant surprises.  New friends will no doubt be made, while I hope many of my friends reading this around the world will be able to visit me while I am here..  Photos of Dublin and Amsterdam are attached.  Enjoy!

I plan to make a weekly posting a tradition of this blog, busy exam schedules and unforseen events notwithstanding.  Please feel free to add comments and send feedback, it will be much appreciated.  Best of luck to my fellow students at UCD going into their final year, and also to those of you hard at work in the real world.  Keep the faith!!!



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  1. Michael Tiberius Stamp permalink

    So all the sun’s with you in Amsterdam…. Good Luck on your bit of ‘Carpe Dieming’.

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