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Monday, Monday…


Monday brought inclement weather in it’s wake, after a weekend which basked in a crisp Autumn glow.  I had the pleasure of enjoying some time out in Het Amsterdamse Bos, but not today.  A college function across the Rokin canal had me walking back in drumming rain.  The terrace tables outside the bars and cafeterias are all deserted now, while warm light spills out of large windows lining the canals.  Golden autumn leaves look rather forlorn in the olive green water of the canals, and perhaps rather depressing.

A few brave souls still cycle on the sodden streets, while an optimistic crowd huddled in a queue outside the Anne Frank house just after five.  It seems, and not for the first time, that this country is more water than land.  It seems almost to be the estuary of France, Belgium and Germany.  The Dutch have made the best of this though, with canals provide transport since before rail and motorised transport existed.  Trade made them rich since there was little else with which to make a living.

The rain is a pleasant backdrop to an indoor setting though, especially just before falling asleep.  It has a beautiful rhythm to it, like a song I heard by Freshly Ground.  Karen Blixen wrote of it in Out of Africa, waking to the sound of rain after living in Africa and thinking, “at last, at last.”  One certainly misses it when it does not come, as those living in many parts of the world now all too well.  I am sure that the Dutch and Irish would love to trade some for more sunshine.  As they say, when it rains, it pours….


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