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Winter on the way


It has been a rather quiet week, not least because I have assignments due, and the weather has not been the best anyway.  The weather has been rather mercurial, to say the least.  The sun was shining so brightly yesterday morning, and after I had some work done and headed out, it was overcast. …I suppose that in these northern climes bad weather should be expected as the norm rather than the exception.

It hasn’t been all work and bad weather though, I went down to a social evening at the International Students Network party on Thursday.  It was being held on a boat at Java Dock, which is a part of the city I had not yet been to during my stay.  They were holding a Pot Luck dinner, so we all had to take something, which was an interesting experience.  I made my favourite lamb curry, which is why I have posted the recipe on my blog.

I was hoping for some good weather today so I could spend some time outdoors today, to take a break from studying.  However the wind picked up during the night, rattling windows and howling through trees rapidly stripped of their leaves in the onslaught.  I awoke this morning to find it still howling, punctuated by the roar of passenger aircraft flying overhead. The rain which accompanied this did not give me due optimism for an hour or two in the park, which left me little real option but to hit the books.

The weather did, fortunately, improve as the day progressed, and I was able to get out to enjoy some sunshine.  The wind was still rather gusty, but a windy winter’s day sometimes has a charm of its own.  The wind which howls into the Cape from the Atlantic is rightly famous as the Cape Doctor, and I still remember how it would build up over the course of a few days to rattle all the doors in the house before settling down to a calm.  The process would then build up again and continue….  It was never as bad as the wind in Wellington though, and it is only fitting that the local rugby team are called the Hurricanes.

Snow is only a matter of time, and I look forward to posting photos of Amsterdam blanketed in white.  Watch this space…


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