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Winter is with us


It is a busy time of year for students, with assignments and exams coming up before the Christmas break.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from a friend from Dublin, who was in Amsterdam for a couple of days.  I must confess becoming quite lazy over the past few weeks and not actually enjoying all that Amsterdam has to offer, and such a visit was just the thing to shake me out of my torpor.

Thus Sunday afternoon saw me attend a performance at the Concertgebouw of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw orchestra.  The acoustics of this building are rightly world famous, and the pleasure of watching the rhythm and precision of scores of violins and cellos on stage was only matched by a glorious sound filling the hall.

The visit was now matched by an excursion into the Jordaan to peruse the restaurants in this picturesque part of town. We eventually settled on one and settled down to a wonderful meal of pork tenderloin and Dutch beer.  This was followed by a board of Dutch cheeses and a glass of port before a stroll through the canal belt, on a chilly evening lit up by warm glowing living rooms.

I was delighted to wake up on Monday morning to see snow drifting past my window, as I settled down to some warm coffee.  Snow is such glorious precipitation to watch from the comfort of a warm room with coffee, and I did not envy people cycling across town in the falling snow.  Many of us wished for some settled snow, just for some lovely photos of this picturesque photos in this glorious architectural gem.  The weather was against us, unfortunately, so they will have to wait for another day.

The snow had cleared by evening, so I ended up going out for dinner again, to a local Indian restaurant in the Jordaan. I had a delicious chicken curry which took the edge off the cold day.  I consider eating out to be a great pleasure, but only in company, which made a visit such a welcome surprise.  The evening ended with a quiet pint in a traditional Amsterdam bar, such as two Irishmen abroad are wont to do.

I now am returning to my books, to prepare for assignments and exams.  Snow is falling again this evening, and I hope to post pictures of a snow covered city as soon as it settles.  Here’s hoping….


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  1. Thanks for all the marvellous photos, I have never been to Amsterdam but this is certainly whetting my appetite (together with the pork, chicken and pint). I expect they have picturesque Christmas markets too. Good luck with the assignments. Carol

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