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I finished my last exam for the year, and I am free for the festive season.  It was Intellectual History 2, which covered the period from Marx till Modernity, quite interesting but rather heavy going when you have to condense it into four pages.  I now have a few weeks to relax and enjoy the city,   Apparently New Years Eve is a great time here, so we’ll see.

Studying has made me somewhat antisocial, and it has done the same to most of my fellow students in the dorm.  My flat-mate, who has just headed home, left a card in my box stating an earnest hope that we can see more of each other next year.  In that vein I have invited a few fellow residents not returning home for Christmas dinner.

I can only imagine how stressful and busy the airports are at this time of year, which is why I never go home for Christmas.  I hope that all readers who have to travel or work at this time of year the best of luck, and as enjoyable a festive season as it is possible to have.   I also hope that those of you who will be celebrating in the Southern Hemisphere will enjoy every minute of your wonderful weather.  Have a swim for me!!!!



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