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The Emerald Isle in a golden glow



This is how we feel when we see the sun

This is how we feel when we see the sun


My experience of England was thoroughly pleasant, and I was lucky enough to stay with a friend who lives in Surbiton.  I spent much of Saturday walking along the Thames and admiring the boats cruising up and down the river.  Tom also took me to see the grounds of Hampton Palace, where Henry VIII lived.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.  However it made the journey to Victoria Coach station with all my luggage rather difficult.  I informed a woman on the Tube that the sun seemed to have made an appearance specially for this occasion.  She then asked me if I could stay till October.

I made it back to Dublin at 0630 on Monday morning, and the weather was due to stay all week.  Ireland is so unused to such good weather that the Met Office issued a heat warning, and so many people suffered from sunburn that a Twitter user posted “I see red people.”  I felt obliged to take a trip out to Killiney to enjoy the view and a swim in the sea.  The water was bracing to say the least, but one cannot waste such a heaven sent opportunnity.

There surely is no lovelier country in Ireland when the weather is good, and surely no more admirable people than the Irish for staying at work when the weather is good.  Good weather is so rare that they would be forgiven for downing tools and heading off to enjoy the sun.  During a chat to a woman in a supermarket, I was informed that her shift had been extended by a couple of hours into a lovely summers evening.  Her disappointment was aggravated by the fact that she was working all weekend.  Her resulting bad mood was rather restrained in the circumstances, and must have required a will of iron to stay.

It is really wonderful to be back in Ireland, despite all our economic woes and politcal shenanigans.  I have really missed the gregarious outgoing nature of Irish people, which seemed all the more in evidence with the appearance of the sun.  I think it sums up the Catholic/Protestant divide in Europe, where Catholic countries are more relaxed, easygoing and fun loving than sober, dour Protestant countries.  I noticed this difference between the Netherlands and Belgium, and it is the same with Ireland and Scotland.

However far I travel, Ireland always seems to draw me back somehow.  I have many good friends here, Irish as well as more recent arrivals.  Dublin has the luxury of being small enough to be friendly, and big enough to be interesting.  I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of London, but Dublin has a sedate and laid back atmosphere that I cannot but enjoy   The Irish Independent predicts another week of glorious weather, so what are you waiting for?  Come on over.


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  1. I really like the top photo of the boat-wonderful color and view-

  2. You are so right. I don’t get home much but the first thing I notice is the fact that people talk to you and make eye contact!

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