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An Irish Summer


005 008 009 013 031 083I must apologise for not posting any photos these past few weeks.  It is just that with such good weather I did not wish to give those abroad an unduly positive impression of what Irish summers are usually like.  I would hate to disappoint visitors who might come expecting glorious sunny days and then arrive to rainy skies and gales.  However, now that we have daily rain, flooding and tornado warnings, I can relax.  Now I can quite comfortably complain about the amazing things I would like to do; hiking in the mountains, visiting beaches, etc, but can’t because of the miserable Irish summers.

I generally tend to believe that Irish weather is only really good when students are writing exams or have just gone back to school or university.  That means that the last two weeks in May and September are generally glorious, and the weather remains mercurial for the entire “summer.”  Not that I have any right to complain, when we had the two weeks of sun I kept predicting rain.  Now that my garden is well watered I am hoping for a reappearance of the sun.  My Irish begrudgery is nothing if not well watered.  That is the end of my rant, I hope you enjoy the photos.


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