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  1. I thought I might help with your “about ” page.
    Patrick Rogers was born in Cape Town, South Africa of good Irish stock. Abandoned as a child he was raised by a troupe of wandering kangaroos who were marooned on their way to the antarctic. Developing a facility for music and writing he has devoted his life to cataloging and recording the ways and lives of marsupials the world over. Having lived in Ireland for way too long he left the island after a frustrating wait for an expected influx of wallabies – sadly not to occur due to the collapse of the Irish economy. A further year of standing playing violin while hopping in his native kangaroo failed to attract more than a passing trend for non-oviparous mammals.
    He currently resides in Amsterdam, Holland, where he hopes to encourage the development of a Dutch Inter-Antipodean accord.

  2. Hey thanks for the visit and like on my blog, you have a great blog here. But sort out your about page ; )

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my photos! I appreciate it very much. You have a very nice blog and I look forward to reading more! 🙂

  4. Correction – I look forward to looking at more of your photos. My apologies – it’s been one of those days! 😀

  5. thanx for appreciating my photographs

  6. Great pictures. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂

  7. thanks for stopping by and liking my post. It looks like you live in a very interesting place. I enjoyed looking at all the places you showed in your posts.

    • I love Amsterdam, if you haven’t been I would definitely recommend it. Thanks for checking out my photos.

  8. Thank you for liking one of my posts today.

  9. Hi Hiberniangypsy! just popping by to say thanks for the likes and keep up the good work 🙂

    • You keep on blogging too, it is always nice to see an original thinker out there. See if you enjoy this song

      • Blogging is pretty new to me and I’ve still got heaps to learn, luckily I love learning. Thank you I love that song! Think I’ve still got that album in fact 🙂
        Original thinker eh? You’ve just made my day or should I say month!

      • The name of your blog certainly aroused my curiosity in the first place. I wish you a long and happy career as a blogger. And check out this post from my dorm in Amsterdam. Some of the students put it together yesterday.

      • Yes the name is a bit confronting/unusual. It just popped out within a conversation and voila!, a blog was born. I can remember being too shy to even say the word when I was younger and here I am now wearing it as a badge of honour and proclaiming it to the world. Humans are funny. It looks like your students had a lot of fun making The Harlem Shake. Thanks for your very kind and supportive words. I love your pictures.

      • It certainly is very thought provoking, and I believe that our society is still very sexist in many ways, and equality is something that needs to be fought for on so many levels.

        I am actually a (mature) student myself, and am sharing a residence with the makers of The Harlem resurrected. I do have a great time staying here, and have great trepidation about returning to Ireland.

      • All my life I have thought about sexism and just wonder why it has to be this way. It keeps me awake at nights actually. Hence the blog. I just need to get it all off my chest! It began with being the last born of four children and only daughter. Why did my brothers get to do things that I was not allowed to? It just didn’t seem fair to me as a child and you know, it still doesn’t. Who says one person should have any say over another because they have different bits or are physically stronger?
        What are you studying and why the trepidation about returning to Ireland?

      • I know, as a history student I find so much about the world which upsets me. My trepidation about Ireland is that the economy has tanked, and shows no sign of improvement.

        The Netherlands seems to have made a success of social democracy, like the Scandinavian countries, and yet the Irish middle classes prefer an Anglo Saxon model of low taxes, and that is what we have.

      • Why do we not learn from history? I wish every country could take a leaf or two out of the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries books. There are encouraging signs that the ordinary folk have had enough of the “Greed is Good,” ethos but things do look grim eh? Why do the wealthy believe they are above paying taxes proportional to their wealth? Our government in Australia is supposedly a bit socialist but they’ve lost their way and have been infiltrated by Tories.

      • I must admit to having been quite shocked at how rightwing many Irish students are. It is as if they are quite happy with the world being unfair, since it is so obviously skewed in their favour.

      • I’m quite shocked that ‘any’ thinking working class person could ever be right wing but they are and it confuses the heck out of me. Maybe that’s it, the thinking part….maybe they are not thinking but brainwashed zombies? A lot don’t seem to be able to comprehend out of the square.

      • Indeed, and especially in Ireland, where laissez faire capitalism of the British establishment saw a million Irish people starve during the Famine. Added to this is the fact that our banks have failed so spectacularly. But then again, why worry about life being unfair when it is unfair in your favour?

      • Thank you so much – I love Rodriguez! My son just got to see him at the Byron Bay Blues Festival. Both my kids grew up to the sounds of Rodriguez playing on the car stereo.

      • He was very big in South Africa when I grew up. I think he is an amazing musician and social commentator. There should be more like him 🙂

      • Yes he was big in Australia when I was growing up as well. I just watched the documentary with my daughter on Mothers day just gone and they never mentioned the Australian connection at all. Quite odd and yes there should be more like him 🙂

      • He is a genius, and takes no prisoners from among the corporate and political classes that have taken us to hell in a handbasket.

  10. Hi. Thanks for stopping by and liking one of my posts. 🙂

  11. hi there, your photos are great. Thanks for checking out my blog too:)

  12. I love the photos and your moniker, kind of related to mine I’d say. Thank you for dropping my blog too, always nice to have a visitor or two.

  13. Digging your pics but now I’m afraid to come to Ireland… Where is the sun?

    • Most of my pics were taken in the Netherlands. I would recommend a trip to Ireland in late May or September. That coincides with students writing exams or having just gone back to college. Murphy’s Law holds that is when we get our very best weather 🙂

  14. A fun blog! Keep up the good work. Glad you like “In search of unusual destinations”, by the way. Phil.

  15. Herman permalink

    Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here…

  16. Thanks for visitng and liking my blog. I enjoy writing it and it’s great that other people enjoy it too!

  17. Tom Gagner permalink

    Thank you for visiting my page 🙂

  18. Thanks very much for the like! Love your about post – trust an Irish person to come up with that 🙂 Great photos too! Linda.

    • Indeed. My friend came up with it and I thought it was so funny I just left it like that. I really miss the Dalkey/Killiney area though, looking forward to heading back

  19. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog…much appreciated!

  20. Congratulations, hiberniangypsy!

    I have nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    The rules of this award are at

  21. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leading me to yours. Interesting place you’ve got there! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting mine 🙂 Amsterdam is a very interesting place, and I love it here.

      • It’s my pleasure and I’d love to visit Amsterdam too and see the boat houses. 🙂

      • The boat houses are inspiring. It just goes to show that there are many alternatives to the traditional idea of the mortgage and bricks and mortar. Four walls do not a lifestyle make, nor interest rates a home.

      • Yes, I agree. Are they stationary in their place or do they sail through the canal to some other places?

      • They are normally stationary, but they need to go to a dockyard once in a while to get a seaworthy or canal worthy certificate. It is a real treat to see one being towed by a tug down the canal.

      • That would be an interesting sight to see. I’d imagine if I have a house boat, I’d sail through different places and just stay there for a while…haha…kind of like a trailer house.

      • That would be cool. I travelled on a rented boat in Ireland once, and once we got away from towns there was absolutely not traffic. Absolutely lovely.

      • That’s wonderful! 🙂

      • I would advise not buying letting the local undertaker buy you a pint though, We almost sank the next day and I have doubted that it was a coincidence ever since 🙂

      • haha…that’s a great memory of that place! I guess I’ll have to keep that in mind.

      • Ireland is the country for stories all right. It’s our national tradition.

      • Indeed! 🙂

  22. yo, thanks for sharing the wonderment that is Amsterdam.

  23. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog! Having lived in Brussels for 1.5 years, I’ve only really visited Amsterdam once. I should pop by more (and hopefully it’d be less rainy)!

  24. This is the best “About” on the blog-o-sphere!! LOL! Thanks for stopping by for a read at our blog today!

  25. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post today! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  26. Thanks so much for the like on my post on Prague. I have just been having a look around your blog. Love the post on returning to Ireland and the upload of the clip,on summertime blues. The weather during our time in Europe has been spectacular. Can I say – even a little too hot and sticky, even though we are warm blooded Aussies. Garrulous Gwendoline, The Reluctant Retire

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